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fashion tipp!

hey guys.

brand-new gossip:

are you looking for individual jewellery? 

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2.12.09 16:24

How to dress like Blair Waldorf.

Bonjour, Chèries!

Blair looks always perfect. She dresses very classic, preppy, flawless & polished. She preferes skirts & dresses. Rarely, she wears trousers.

You can buy clothes in BlairStyle at ShoBop, Charlotte Russe, Forever21 or also at H&M wherever you like. Just remember that it has to look: PERFECT!

Because she attends an upscale private school, she wears many shirts, ties and blazer. Her favourite colour is red. Make sure, that's also your favourite colour

Blair loves it to be a girl, and so she dresses very feminim.

Also, when Blair's sleeping, she looks adorable! She always wears a designer négligé for her beautysleep and a sleepmask.

 It's Winter, and Blair loves to wear tights, in every colour!

A few of her favourite designer are: Chloe, Marni, C&C California,Calvin Klein, True Religion, Seven, Dior, Habituelle, Missoni. Maybe you can find some cute things at ebay?

Blair loves High Heels - make sure that you love them, too!

image imageimageimage

2.12.09 13:31

Gossip Girl.

at first i have to tell you, that i love gossip girl. it's so great & fantastic.

i like the stories, the music, the actors and THE FASHION.

do you like it, too?

i prefer blair's style. it's so pretty. so now, i can tell you how to dress like blair waldorf, if you want. i start with:

 how to style your hair like blair waldorf's:



1. blair has fantastic, long, dark brown hair. it's impossible to dress like blair, if you have yucky, scruffy hair. so: wash your hair everyday with shampoo. if you're very rich, like blair: you can buy: frederic fekkai shampoo. but there are also othe good shampoos, which aren't so expensive:

1, Frank Provost Shine Expert (4.99 € i love the fragrance of it!


2. Paul Mitchell. Choose one, which is perfect for your hair! Everyone is great & awesome.

3. I like: alverde - Shampoo's & Alnatura, too. It's very good for the nature and, also for your hair!


 But choose the shampoo you like! AND USE IT emotion


--> Blair loves hair bands. You should love them, too. They complete the perfect style of every outfit and you should choose them that they are compatible with the color/style of your clothes.


The original Hairband is from Jennifer Behr

 but you can also buy nice and sweet hairbands from forever21, topshop, or in the city. look after it!


2.12.09 10:24

hello fashionlife!

hey guys.

i've got the idea to start my own fashionblog.

i hope, you'll like it. if you do, tell your friends about it.

it will be great, if you post comments or tell me about new ideas.

thank you so much, guys.

2.12.09 10:02

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