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How to dress like Blair Waldorf.

Bonjour, Chèries!

Blair looks always perfect. She dresses very classic, preppy, flawless & polished. She preferes skirts & dresses. Rarely, she wears trousers.

You can buy clothes in BlairStyle at ShoBop, Charlotte Russe, Forever21 or also at H&M wherever you like. Just remember that it has to look: PERFECT!

Because she attends an upscale private school, she wears many shirts, ties and blazer. Her favourite colour is red. Make sure, that's also your favourite colour

Blair loves it to be a girl, and so she dresses very feminim.

Also, when Blair's sleeping, she looks adorable! She always wears a designer négligé for her beautysleep and a sleepmask.

 It's Winter, and Blair loves to wear tights, in every colour!

A few of her favourite designer are: Chloe, Marni, C&C California,Calvin Klein, True Religion, Seven, Dior, Habituelle, Missoni. Maybe you can find some cute things at ebay?

Blair loves High Heels - make sure that you love them, too!

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